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      About Our Services & Facilities 

               Community Based Residential Facilities :


  • A comfortable care home in a family like setting 

  • Daily assistance to develop and foster greater self care skills

  • Individualized time with staff for one on one interaction or small group interaction 

  • Supervision/assistance with medication 

  • Supervision of medical/mental health needs- coordination/transportation of services/appointments  

  • Proper diet planning

  • Assistance with personal finances

  • Development of individualized service plans, monitored and reviewed regularaly 

  • Assistance with transition into or out of the CBRF


                                               Supported Living Arrangement :


  • Smaller home-like environment (3 person home)

  • Daily support depending on specific needs 

  • Foster individuals independence by coaching them through their responsibilities 

  • Focuses on teaching new skills, implementing community access, and assisting residents with creating a home like          atmosphere. 

  • Persons may also live independently or with a roommate and the support worker will teach, supervise, and assist the        individual in a variety of areas to increase self  independence and community independence. 



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